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80% off list price! [Mar. 15th, 2008|11:57 pm]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas

♥Store: Shoes.com/Amazon.com
♥Item: Rampage Pink Satin Flats
♥Price: $10, marked down from $45, with free shipping!
♥Purchase date: February (?) 2008
♥Notes: I was checking Amazon.com for a nice pair of pink shoes, when I saw this lovely pair selling for half price ($20). I liked them, but I wasn't so sure I really wanted to get them for $20 plus shipping. I kept checking back every so often in the next few weeks, when I saw that they lowered the price to $15, and then to $10! When I saw it for only $10, I HAD to get it! Before I ordered them, I decided to check shoes.com, to discover that they offered FREE shipping!

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Possible short loli dress for $40? [Mar. 7th, 2008|07:39 pm]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas


Just thought I was would pass this info along...

I was at Target today and saw a dress that I looooooved and would have purchased it if it was longer:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

That photo doesn't do it justice AT ALL. You can see more photos of no justice here on the Target website. It's funny that two reviewers call it lolita; I think it has lolita potential. On the flip side, so many reviewers are complaining it makes them look "too young". Haha. Anyhow, if you're into cream and near a Target, it's definitely worth checking out and trying on.

The color is definitely cream with a faint yellow-ish tint. It's 100% cotton and the lace is 67% cotton blend with poly so if you wanted to dye it, I'm not sure how the lace would take the dye? I'm 5'6" and it's much too short. I think 5'3" (160 cm) is even pushing it; an inch or two shorter would be ideal. My bust is 36" (91cm), small C cup, and my waist is 28" (71cm) and I fit into a size 7 and it was very fitted, but wearable. I think a 9 would have been more comfortable, but they didn't have one to try on so I don't know if it would have been too big. I tried on a size 13 and the length was exactly the same as the 7; I was hoping it would be a bit longer. The amount of poof in the skirt was naturally much better than a size 7, but the top was baggy on me. I wish I could have tried it on in an 11 as well, but they were out of that too. Either way, it could accommodate a petti with a small amount of poof. Or if you're good at alterations, get a bigger size for the poof, then take in the top to be more fitted.

Again, the website photos don't do it any justice! If anyone wants better photos, I'll be at Target again soon, I can go back with my camera. I just noticed that on the website, the lace at the bottom looks see-through. It wasn't like that in real life at all. So that's WEIRD? Now I really want to go back to Target with a petti just to try it on again and sneak pics of it in the fitting room!

On another note, with Easter on its way, I saw a lot of cute things in the little girl's section that would work for very small busted lolis. Surprisingly, at my height, the lengths were long enough! However, with a 36" bust, while many of the size XL or size 16 dresses would fit in circumference, they aren't cut for boobs. If you're an A cup or so, it's definitely worth checking out.
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A baby bargain at Kinokuniya [Mar. 7th, 2008|11:02 am]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas

[Tags|, ]
[Current Location |Kinokuniya, NYC]

Baby as in tiny, not Babyssb. Haha.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

♥Item: Innocent World socks
♥A gift from my friend Renee. She went shopping in NYC and picked these up for me "just because". ILUVHER. She left the price tag on because...
Notice the original price in yen, then notice the Kinokuniya price tag! As of today's exchange rate, that's $4 off. Buying it cheaper here in the US than ordering direct?! HUH? But hey, we're not complaining! What makes it extra awesome is that there was obviously no shipping or personal shopper fee to pay and Renee got the joy of instant gratification and not having to wait for something to arrive in the mail. Weeeee!

She herself bought 2 pairs of IW socks, Algonquins cardigan, and one other thing that I forgot about. All similarly priced where it was a few dollars less than the original retail price. AMAZING.

♥Purchase date: 3 weeks ago?
♥Availability: I'm sure everyone's read about this on EGL? Basically they're a Japanese bookstore in NYC who carries brand from time to time and the socks are from their latest shipment. Not sure what's left since I didn't personally go there, but I think they're supposed to get regular shipments?
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Innocent World sweater and socks! MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE! [Mar. 6th, 2008|12:22 am]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It was love at first site, but I decided to pass on it even though it was 30% off because I told myself I really shouldn't be spending any more money. HOWEVER, I went back to the website to drool again and it was 50% and well, that means I need to buy it! To make it even better... a friend of mine had put me in touch with his friend in Tokyo to do shopping for me and as it turns out, she wants a ton of things from the US so we're just doing trades. So no shopping fee for me! And a lot of the things she wants are from stores I shop at every week anyway so it's not like I "pay" for it in another way by having to run around town.

As for the socks, I couldn't decide between the black socks with white or white socks with black, but hey, FIFTY PERCENT OFF so why not get both? The sale is over so the stock pics are gone from the site and mine disappeared off my desktop, but la_mome_neant was nice enough to give me what she had.

In case you aren't an IW fan and don't know this print... here's more pics, including socks.Collapse )
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Vivienne Westwood Handbag [Mar. 6th, 2008|10:02 am]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas

[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]

♥Location: Yodobashi Camera, Osaka, Japan
♥Item: Blue tartan Vivienne Westwood bag
♥When I saw it I was in love- the understated tartan, the skull and orb charms...I love me some Vivienne *_*
♥I only have a print club~ I hope that's okay!

♥Total price paid: 23,000 yen ($221. It was 24,000 and I had a 1000 yen coupon. Yes. I buy brand with coupons XD). Original price? 110,000 yen ($1060). YEAH BABY.
♥Product details: Medium sized handbag, with the Vivienne print inside and a safety pin with four charms.
♥Purchase date: Two weeks ago
♥Availability: Yodobashi Camera is having a mini Vivienne Fair through this week- they have one more like this (in red), some larger bags for around $400, and accessories for huge markdowns as well! I know the odds of other people being anywhere near Osaka are small, but still. Good deals. o.o
♥Notes: Vivienne is okay to post here, right? It was mentioned on the egl post, so I figured it would be appreciated here.
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Palace Miser contests? Themes? [Mar. 4th, 2008|09:44 pm]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas

First I was thinking of doing a contest. Something like, "Best Coordination For Under $100"- I think I would exclude shoes, but everything for $100 (or similar amount in your local currency). It would have to be JSK/blouse/dress/basically have every body part covered that needs to be covered, socks, headwear, jewelry, and purse. But then I thought people could cheat to win the prizes. If you bought something a while ago, I doubt you saved the receipt so there's no way to prove the purchase price. So maybe do it as a theme, but contests seem more fun because winning stuff is fun! Any suggestions for contests and to keep people honest?
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Meta Gingham Cherry JSK [Mar. 4th, 2008|01:50 am]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas

[Current Location |eBay]

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I got this a while ago, but I'm still excited about it!

I had been eyeing this since I first saw it on the Meta site so you can image my delight when I saw it listed on eBay starting at $100USD! It was (actually, still is) ¥19800 on the website and I got it for $102.50! Some of you may remember the DRAMA I had to endure to get it, but at least it finally arrived on my doorstep (yeah, "only" two weeks LATE because the seller was lazy and lied about when she was mailing), and it was COVERED IN CAT HAIR, but after a good dry cleaning, I have it and I'm HAPPY. :D
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Let's kick this off with some Vivienne Westwood! [Feb. 2nd, 2008|10:29 pm]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas

[Current Location |Century 21, Paramus, NJ, USA]
[Current Music |Snapcase]

I'm posting this for my friend Renee who refuses to get a LJ account.

♥Store: Century 21 + eBay
♥Items: VW plaid skirt (Century 21), white sweater (Century 21), and shoes (eBay)
♥Prices: sweater and skirt were $100 each marked down from $300; the shoes were originally priced at $600 brand new, but she scored them (I think she said they were only worn once?) for $300!
♥Purchase date: Century 21 was last October; shoes were a couple months ago
♥Availability: Century 21 sells discounted designer clothing. I'm not sure how much VW stuff they carry, but Renee seems to have done pretty well thus far!

Ooooo... shoes!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(Not showing: Meta JSK, Baby necklace, Baby purse, and AP hat because she paid full price for those, haha).

Sweater and skirt hiding under the cut!Collapse )
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