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A baby bargain at Kinokuniya [Mar. 7th, 2008|11:02 am]
Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas


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[Current Location |Kinokuniya, NYC]

Baby as in tiny, not Babyssb. Haha.

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♥Item: Innocent World socks
♥A gift from my friend Renee. She went shopping in NYC and picked these up for me "just because". ILUVHER. She left the price tag on because...
Notice the original price in yen, then notice the Kinokuniya price tag! As of today's exchange rate, that's $4 off. Buying it cheaper here in the US than ordering direct?! HUH? But hey, we're not complaining! What makes it extra awesome is that there was obviously no shipping or personal shopper fee to pay and Renee got the joy of instant gratification and not having to wait for something to arrive in the mail. Weeeee!

She herself bought 2 pairs of IW socks, Algonquins cardigan, and one other thing that I forgot about. All similarly priced where it was a few dollars less than the original retail price. AMAZING.

♥Purchase date: 3 weeks ago?
♥Availability: I'm sure everyone's read about this on EGL? Basically they're a Japanese bookstore in NYC who carries brand from time to time and the socks are from their latest shipment. Not sure what's left since I didn't personally go there, but I think they're supposed to get regular shipments?

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[User Picture]From: vedi_cakes
2008-03-15 11:51 pm (UTC)
I was up in NY a few weeks ago and wanted to try to stop by Kinokuniya, but alas, there simply wasn't any time. I want to experience instant gratification for myself + need moar socks, lol.
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