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palace_miser's Journal

A place to brag about bargain finds of everything lolita.

Palace Miser: The Palace of Miserly Lolitas
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A bragging community to show off your bargain finds of everything lolita.
For lolitas who love the thrill of the hunt or are just plain cheap, I bring you palace_miser, a community for sharing the highs we experience when we find a good bargain.

Admin & lover of lolita bargain pr0n: vedi_cakes
My co-mod, Queen of Bargains & header artist: chucks_bitch

What we want to see:
♥Photos of amazing deals you got on anything lolita-related: clothing, shoes, accessories, fabric/trims, and housewares that are well made.
♥Photos of bargain non-lolita clothing that have already been modified, but preferably both before and after photos. No one wants to see just a pic of the potato sack dress you bought no matter how cute the print is; we want to see what you did to the potato sack dress to make it loli. However if you found an especially good deal and that style is still available, we'd love to see it and have a chance to get one too. A good example would be if you found a dress on clearance at a major department store and there was a good amount of them left and you want to alert lolitas in your area of what you found. If not, you'll just have to do your modification until you post your pic! Maybe that will motivate you to get it finished?.... :)

The more details, the better! Good examples:

Example #1 (conventional stores):
♥Location: ABC Department Store at the The BOBO Mall in Anytown, USA
♥Item: Pink floral JSK
♥Gush about how happy you are to have found such a bargain and where you found it (ie: clearance rack in junior’s department).
♥Photo of item by itself, but preferably the item being worn and coordinated. One small photo allowed with the rest under a cut. And don't just put all the pics under a cut. At least give us a teaser so we'll actually want to look at your bargain.
♥Total price paid: $45, marked down from $125!
♥Product details: Cotton, fully lined.
♥Purchase date: I bought it yesterday! (or at least give a time frame such as “Fall of 2007” or at the very least, "about 2 months ago". This lets others know if they should even bother trying to look for the same item).
♥Availability and/or fit details: There were 3 more left all in a size 9 and one in a size 13 in blue. My friend wanted one in a size 7 so I called another store at Non-BOBO Mall and they still have some left! The size 9 is a perfect fit for me,- I’m 5’6”, 36 bust/28 waist.
♥Notes: I shop at ABC Department Store a lot and always seem to find lolita/lolita-friendly items either at full price or on the sale racks. Their website is www.ABCdeptstore.com.
^List this information even if you think it's obvious as people in other countries (or maybe even in the same country) may not be familiar with that store and if they're ever in close proximity to one, they can decide if it's worth visiting.

Example #2 (thrift stores/vintage shops):
♥Location: ABC Thriftstore, 123 Main Street, Town, State, USA
♥Item: Plaid dress
♥OMG! Look at how cute this is!!! Blah blah blah! (Keep it brief; if it's too wordy, stick it under a cut).
♥Post-modification photo of item (pre-modification photo under cut with description of what modifications you made)
♥Total price paid: $3
♥Product details: appears to be a wool blend, in great condition.
♥Purchase date: Fall 2007.
♥Notes/store review: I shop at this store regularly and I always score/this place usually doesn’t have anything lolita so this was a rare find/this was my first time shopping there.

♥If you’re sharing a photo of fabric, the same thing goes- tell us where you bought it, how much you paid/if it was on sale, what the availability is like for others who may want to purchase the same fabric, and if it’s a non-chain store that most people aren’t familiar with, include notes/store review/likelihood of finding lolita bargains there. Also feel free to share your plans of what you’ll be making either in description or drawing or ask for suggestions of how to use your bargain fabric.

♥For brand purchases, just squee to your heart’s content, share a photo, price paid/original price, and where you purchased it from (sale at store, eBay, Japan Yahoo Auctions, etc.)

What we don’t want to see:
‡Non-lolita things. We don’t want to see the jeans you scored at Old Navy for $10. Yah rly.
‡Cheap crap. No one cares about your scratchy lace “bargain”. There’s a reason why it was only 25 cents/yard. No one cares about your Wal-Mart polyester blouse either. That’s not a bargain; that’s just cheap. Get back to us when they start doing Innocent World replicas priced at $24.99.
‡The potato sack dress you didn't modify yet.
‡Introduction posts.
‡"What's an LJ cut?"
‡Your mom... unless she's wearing a brand cutsew in excellent condition that she scored off EGL_sales for $30.
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